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Every loss is another fight. 2020/3/5 108 min.


A story of humans living in the future and coming to grips with the same human challenges that they have faced since their origins, The Way Back takes the viewer on a journey of discovery through its exploration of two individuals in need of a new beginning. The leader of the military regiment that is sent to Antarctica to do an investigative mission, Jim (Fredrik Dring) has a history of near-fatal injuries. To protect his daughter, he follows the advice of the highest ranking officer in the military. However, when his daughter is taken hostage, he is forced to assume a dangerous and desperate role.

The Way Back is part of the Xena series of movies, which are famous for their epic battles between the red-haired, purple-eyed warrior princess and the dark haired but powerful leader of the Greek army. The way back takes place four years after the events of Xena: Warrior Princess, while the first female Spartan general leads her army against the empire of Persia. The Greek forces land in northern India and set about massacring the peaceful Hindu population.

Brought up by a father who is her closest friend and who later becomes her lover, the young redheaded princess is raised to believe that she is the fairest of all the fairies. But when she finds herself being captured by some local bandits, she escapes from her captors and finds herself becoming the first female Spartan general. Equipped with incredible strength and courage, she eventually leads the Greek army to victory. She brings an end to the three years of war and restores peace and order to Greece.

However, this triumph has also resulted in the death of Jim's oldest son, Pyrus. It was one of Jim's favorite sons, who had been the one to teach him how to fight and who had been his closest companion through their youth. However, with Pyrus dead, Jim finds himself fighting an existential battle of self-acceptance and inner beliefs. To cope with his loss, he falls for a one night stand, then travels across the globe and encounters his younger sister Lissa who has joined forces with a terrorist group in the hopes of overthrowing the government.

The Way Back stars Danny Glover as Jim, Christopher Lloyd as Pyrus, John Savage as Lissa, and Michael Chiklis as Kastro. Directed by Daniel Myrick, the movie is written by Richard Pinsky and adapted from the novel by Pinsky and David Koepp. The Way Back features behind the scenes, still photos, and still video sequences. Online Movie Database has rated The Way Back as PG-13, while the DVD description has rated it as R.

The movie is supported by a very impressive cast, composed of a large number of professional actors. Almost all of them have acted in at least one film of the Xena series, and several of them have appeared in a number of other series. The movie is also supported by music from a wide variety of artists, most of whom had sung the theme song to the series in the past. The Way Back is presented in full high definition on DVD, and a copy of the film is accompanied by a booklet that contains an audio commentary track from director Daniel Myrick and series executive producer Richard Pinsky.

It has been speculated that Xena and Gabrielle would reunite on screen sometime in the future of the series, but no such developments have yet been seen. Of course, the series has always featured such possibilities, because the creators always seem to have something to say. As previously mentioned, Xena and Gabrielle have never really had a love story, and The Way Back has served to remind audiences that the warriors of the series are not immune to the ravages of time. And despite their differences in physical appearance, both of them look and sound energetic and vibrant.

With such a strong cast and with a formidable screenplay, The Way Back is sure to be a hit. The only question is whether it will appeal to those who haven'tseen the original series. Or whether the very intense storyline and complex characters will be too much for the viewer to handle. However, it will certainly satisfy those who have enjoyed the earlier installments.

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