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Criminal. Class. 2020/1/1 113 min.


In the movie version of The Gentlemen Prey, one of the scenes depicts one of the mafia 'Knights' in a state of drunken disarray, stumbling through a doorway of an apartment building as he furiously attempts to open the door by bashing it on the lock. This scene is one that has become iconic and is often used to demonstrate the sort of drunken behavior that was commonplace in the streets of New York City at the time of the film's filming.

It's not surprising then that drunkenness is a frequent feature of the lives of the Mafia in The Gentlemen Prey film series. Being drunk during this era is not only frowned upon, but it can often be a dangerous move in these circumstances. This is because most Mafia members are already under some form of surveillance and security due to their many connections to different organized crime families.

This is because if you are seen acting drunk in this period you are potentially a target for retaliation and attack, even in this television series. In fact, even from the outside, one may think that all members of the mafia were drunk all the time during the period depicted in The Gentlemen Prey film series.

However, while many Mafia members did drink and dine all night long as they would have done in any other era, there was also a more sober culture that existed among the men of the Mafia. In this world, drinking and dancing are seen as a form of entertainment rather than something that can have dangerous repercussions.

When you are in the Mafia, you are allowed to drink, but there is a good chance that your license to operate will be revoked or suspended if you are caught doing so. Additionally, you cannot expect to enjoy the same activities that you can when you are in public, as it is expected that you be sober at all times.

Most members of the Mafia are well-respected for their hard work and dedication to the job, sobeing seen as drunk is considered a massive insult and can cause severe repercussions within the company. For this reason, many Mafia members have a tradition where they do not drink.

In The Gentleman Preys, this tradition involves taking alcohol with them when they leave their rooms. This has led to some members of the crew that work on the film going through a large amount of alcohol, which many of them consider to be a form of rebellion and failure.

There are other scenes in the movie that show the same type of situation, such as one scene where a reporter tries to get into the room of a particular mafia member, who is protecting her from the rest of the crew that is watching the crew. In these instances, it becomes obvious that drunkenness is seen as an insult and a sign of weakness.

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