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Their quest begineth. 2020/2/29 102 min.


The classic To-You and Yours on the Movie Carpet is an inspirational movie that represents a revolutionary change in life. A critical step in this monumental transformation is seen when the family matriarch (Faye Winters) uses her family matrimonial mission to help her son, Michael (David Niven), who is young, confused about his sexuality. He is so confused that he ends up buying a ring off the sidewalk at a pawn shop! After weeks of searching, Michael finally gets a date with the pretty woman at the end of the street.

With Sarah Dolly and Bill Engvall (who play good guy Michael and bad guy Jeffrey, respectively). Many big changes in his life are taking place as he comes to terms with his sexual identity. He becomes more creative in the bedroom. We are introduced to Michael's new friends, his brother, his mother, his dad, the neighbor who threatens him, and a boy in the class with no friends, whom he wants to befriend. We are also introduced to the changing views of sexuality as well as a kind of brotherhood that join them in their quest to find the ring.

The film begins with a great scene of the family preparing for Michael's second coming. Following this, we get a brief recap of Michael's former life where he is still a teenager who is mistaken for being gay by a few people. We get to know the characters a little better and we get to see a few scenes from the older children that we do not get to see in the flashback of Michael's youth.

Sarah Dolly (Laura Linney) gets her moment in the sun when she transforms into a supermodel. To-You and Yours are written by Kate Winslet, who made a fantastic portrayal of a high-profile fashion designer and actress in the movie Titanic. As one of the main characters, Sarah Dolly has some interesting lines, and she really makes her moment to shine.

The movie centers around Dave Maren who is very much devoted to his job and his great admiration for his boss, David Niven (Faye Winters). As he goes through the movie with his boss, David tries to convince him that they need to set aside their differences and focus on what is really important. By the end of the movie, it is obvious that this is the best move for the company and the two men end up reconciling their differences.

As the film progresses, Dave is shocked to learn that both of his parents have been lying to him all of his life, the difference between his parents is as vast as the vastness of space. They come to realize that their situation is a metaphor for the idea of lying and deception in life. After a series of changes, it is clear that Dave has to face his pain head on by letting it be known to his boss that he is gay. As David learns to love himself and to accept himself for who he is, the two men end up beginning of a great friendship.

The movie continues with more new developments for Sarah Dolly and her family. The film ends with some great dialogue that keeps you interested in the movie and as the credits roll, you realize that this is going to be a journey for all of us, where we learn to take control of our own lives and what it means to be alive. The idea that the people you meet along the way are your teachers, your mentors, your supporters, your friends is definitely a lesson for us all. Every person has something unique to offer us and we can use these individuals to help guide us along the path of self discovery.

You are invited to join with me to explore what you might be seeking in your life, in order to get to the point where David Niven does in To-You and Yours. It's only with this experience that you will realize that each individual is so unique in their own way, it is because of what they offer us that we know who we are. I pray that I do not disappoint you with my experience, as it would be a tragedy to have discovered the world was a better place when I was born. a rather ordinary, ordinary person!

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