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2020/2/13 99 min.


Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, "Movie Milea: Suara Dari Dilan" is the story of a rising star named Irfan. Irfan's boundless enthusiasm and dogged determination to succeed are matched only by his sheer determination to get his dream job. Meeting one young man who is a fan of his movie, Irfan comes to realize that the job he has been dreaming of may in fact be a reality. However, with time running out, Irfan must decide whether or not to give up his dream.

The story of the movie is narrated from the point of view of an outsider and critic, a man who works as a projectionist at a cinema. It is this man's knowledge of how movies are made that he uses to predict how Irfan's career will unfold. And since a teenager with aspirations is going to need every bit of the help he can get, this man makes certain that "Movie Milea: Suara Dari Dilan" is making possible.

Although not as exciting as the original tale, the writer has done his best to make "Movie Milea: Suara Dari Dilan" feel fresh and exciting for its target audience. Fans of the first film, regardless of whether they've already seen it or not, will be delighted to see that the director has not forgotten what made the first film so special. Following closely behind the original story line, the story takes us through each stage of the movie's development from its first screening to its final release date.

As well as having a cameo appearance by the film's protagonist, a background cameo by Irfan himself also allows him to appear in this film. To many viewers, the presence of Irfan reminds them of how they first came to know about the film while it was still in pre-production.

The main theme that is the prime plot point of the film is the most thrilling element. Starting off with the young man's refusal to give up on his dream despite the odds stacked against him, "Movie Milea: Suara Dari Dilan" quickly turns towards a climax that culminates in the climactic scene. The climax itself presents a dilemma for the protagonists, as it forces them to choose between achieving their dreams and following through with their original plans.

From the story point of view, the director has tried to create a movie that gives audiences the opportunity to experience the same heartrending emotions and stories which were present in the first film but without any of the cliches or a lack of violence or negative aspects. Instead, it is made clear that although there is plenty of happiness and fun in the first film, when these are contrasted with the constant dangers and the relentless competition of their lives, a mixture of anxiety and frustration arises and the viewer can sense the sense of loss and loneliness as they watch their heroes fall one by one.

In order to keep viewers engaged, the director has used the stage-forged action sequences that he believes will remain the main problem for viewers who prefer to stay away from such things. Although the camera constantly follows Irfan, he remains more of a stage prop in the process. The combination of realistic and staged action scenes gives this movie its own identity, as it plays a good role in complementing the earlier film.

Overall, it is difficult to judge whether or not to rate this movie higher than the first one. As previously mentioned, the evolution of the characters and story arc has caused this movie to surpass the quality of the first film.

Original title Milea: Suara dari Dilan
TMDb Rating 6.2 215 votes
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