Justice League Dark: Apokolips War
Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020)

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The war to end all wars. 2020/5/5 90 min.


Justice League Dark: Apokolips is an ongoing comic book series that was created by Brian Buccellato, Devin Grayson, and Steve Orlando. The series is about the adventures of the Justice League Dark, including members possessing dark powers such as an evil version of Batman, Nightwing, and Constantine.

The series started as a five part mini-series on Vertigo's Justice League line of comics. The first three volumes were available for purchase in hardback format. The last volume of the series was later released as a trade paperback. The storyline itself is based in the DC Universe and follows a number of different characters in different settings across the DC Universe.

The majority of the storyline revolves around the story of DC's Dark (Robin, Nightwing, and Constantine). These four are recruited by Doctor Light to help in fighting a number of supernatural villains. The series was picked up for a six issue mini-series, but the books were canceled after three issues.

The series did have some other spin-off storylines, which revolved around the character of Arthur Strange, a recurring member of the Justice League Dark, and was written by Brandon Seifert. The arc ended with an epic battle between the Justice League Dark and the Pied Piper of Hamelin. The entire story was published as a trade paperback.

Other villains that appeared in the series were Count Vertigo, who wore a crown similar to the one possessed by Dr. Light, and Victor Von Doom, a villain with similar telekinetic powers to Doctor Light. Others are Archibald and Artaker. The series has had a number of guest appearances from famous DC villains such as Shade, Black Manta, and Vandal Savage.

Thereare several online sources for this series as well. Some comic book stores have it in stock. Other sites give out free downloads to download copies for viewing.

If you want to read Justice League Dark: Apokolips for free online, the best place to go is Anthony Spadafora's blog. It is based on the series and has information and links to each of the different comics and websites. Each entry includes pictures, video, and links to the series itself.

Just make sure you're not browsing Spadafora's blog by mistake because there is a link to the Dark on every page, but if you do visit his blog, make sure you know what you're looking for, because he takes no responsibility for any viruses or bad information from going here. If you have any questions, you can always visit his forum or ask him through email.

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