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Some secrets should stay buried 2020/5/15 110 min.


In the world of media, celebrity and entertainment, there is a genre that is dominated by the word inheritance. It's just like how the business world has been dominated by franchises like McDonald's have dominated the restaurant industry for so many years. Even in movie industry, we can find ourselves to see the inherited traits from all over the world. However, this genre is still not the most popular.

Of course, when we say inherit, we mean either the characters being transformed into something else or the fate of the character being decided by someone or some power. The genre is one that has seen people trying to be like Hollywood. They try to imitate the movies or the dramas that have caught their attention with the intention of having something similar to those types of stories. Or, they try to make it even more like them.

This genre has also seen people who do not even know the genre, try to produce an online version of the story. This happens because a very simple yet exciting concept happens to catch the attention of the public. It's not something that is necessary necessarily. It's just an interesting idea that the person behind the idea would want to share with others. But, in this case, the idea turns out to be a fact when the people have the idea or share it.

However, if we go back to the genre of Inheritance, what are the basic elements that have made this genre one of the most popular ones? And, these elements are simple but intriguing. One is a protagonist who is tested and eventually tried on his (or her) love. When the test fails, the protagonist is pronounced the loser, and when he becomes the winner, he gets the love of the heroine (hence the genre of Inheritance). But, there is also the element of heredity that can bring about the relationship of the two together.

Secondly, each of the individual characteristics or actions of the two protagonists are in line with each other. In fact, sometimes, the characters just do not get along with each other, and then we see the end result of the relationship that they do get along. This means that you can really see the different personalities of the two characters through this genre.

Movie producers and directors use this genre as a way to create a likable character that has a hot shot body. You can actually watch several successful movies with this genre because of this fact. A lot of these movies are actually not bad. It depends on the director and how they want to portray the story of the film.

However, I believe that this genre is so powerful because of its ability to be shared online. Although, in the past, the genre was not as widely available as it is now, but now it's become a big hit on the internet. We can also see that the genre has created many and varied links that can easily be shared online. The thing that makes this genre so interesting is that it can easily appeal to people from all walks of life.

The movie or the television series can be about politics, faith, love, security, financial matters, and even various topics of human nature. If the movies and the TV series are good, it can also create a link to these issues and questions. It can turn into a gateway to discuss different aspects of human nature.

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