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We all pay for our crimes in the end. 2020/5/12 103 min.


Everyone is familiar with the hit television series "The Untouchables", which also starred Tony Montana and played a major role in the rebirth of the capo of the Chicago mafia. However, this article focuses on a series which is not as well known, called "Capone" which was based on the real life Capone.

"American Outlaw" was the first movie based on the life of Capone. It was created by the same director of "The Untouchables", who wrote the script of that hit TV series. It starred David Carradine and John Travolta as Johnny and Al Capone respectively. The movie was made in 1979 and became a huge hit.

The next movie based on the Capone saga was "Ladies Man". It starred Roddy McDowall as Capone. It was a remake of a popular movie, which was released in 1974. Also starring Sean Connery and Al Pacino, it was a huge success in Europe and became a big hit in the United States.

The third movie based on the Capone series was "Blood On The Moon". It was directed by Jim Thompson and starred James Caan and Deborah Kerr. This movie was directed by a guy who became a huge success with his hit film "Mystic River" and became a huge hit in Europe and the United States.

The fourth movie, which is based on the Capone series is "Capone" which was another remake of a popular movie released in the 70's. It starred Jay Bouma, Richard Hatch and Sal Mineo and was directed by someone who was actually a big hit with his comedy movie "Take This Waltz".

The fifth Capone serie is "Big Shot". Directed by Michael Mann, it starred James Caan and Michael Caine. It also stars Laurence Fishburne as his brother in the movie, Dougie and Lisa Bonet as an FBI agent. The movie was also a huge success in Europe and had great reviews from critics.

The sixth Capone serie is "House of the Devil". Directed by Marty Scorsese, it stars Al Pacino and Sidney Poitier. This movie was the second most successful movie ever in the United States and became a huge hit in Europe and worldwide.

Overall, we can conclude that there have been six movies based on the Capone story which is very famous in the US and around the world. And, of course, these are not the only films in this series.

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