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When the mission ends, redemption begins 2020/4/24 116 min.


For a lot of people who have made their living from the extraction and processing of different types of materials, the Extraction franchise was created and put together to bring this subject into homes and entertainment centers. The employees in the same believe in the value of creating home based businesses that also involve the rest of the family in this type of work. This is also why they created a service that includes music and movies.

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One of the main things that this company hopes to get across to their customers is that when you create the event in the Virtual Reality, you will be able to convey it to the other person's life in a way that they will not think that it is too advanced. People can get involved in an experience that is all theirs without being scared or embarrassed of it. It is only the first step in the video-making process, but people are able to create a masterpiece that no one else will have ever seen before. From there, the team at Extraction believes that once you get an understanding of how the technology works, you will be able to create some of the best works of art that you can.

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Original title Extraction
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