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Handsome, clever, and rich. 2020/2/13 124 min.


Genuinely the biggest movie of recent times, acclaimed at the Venice Film Festival, Emma is a watershed for women. In line with the stunning first act, which sets up the audience to follow along, the entire film is effortlessly and movingly told. The wonderful set pieces include that of Rome, where Emma goes from servant to mistress and wanders through a backwater town. Elsewhere in Italy, at a villa on the hills, she discovers that her life has been turned upside down.

Other scenes bring Emma across France, where she embarks on a search for a lost love. She can not believe how good she feels after all she has been through. But the real revelation of Emma, which will change her life forever, comes when she runs away from home to travel with a marriage proposal from an ex-nanny.

To complete the dazzling story, the movie presents a powerful and witty screenplay by the movie's great director, Andrea Arnold. A witty and often hilarious dialogue, created by both David Thewlis as the star and Emma Thompson as the heroine, is one of the reasons why Emma is so well known. While the actors carry the show, it is also the lead actresses' mouthing of their lines that makes the movie so enthralling. Thewlis and Thompson both give an extraordinary performance in this movie.

However, critics have not liked this movie as much as the audience, because there were too many confusing plots and weak performances in the movie. The time and effort spent on this movie is the reason why many people are confused. And to make matters worse, some of the action sequences are so long that it is possible to miss them entirely.

The movie itself is well made and does well at drawing you into the story, and as well as putting the audience in a suspenseful situation, which keeps you coming back for more. The opening scenes were filmed in front of a live audience in an opera house, and this was a very clever move by the makers to inform the audience about what was happening, especially since they would not know that the actors were merely playing roles and there was no nudity involved.

For fans of the Television Series, especially those who have missed the show, the movie is a wonderful way to see the acting at its best. The message delivered by the movie was a remarkable one, because the story takes place over a period of time, as opposed to the episodic Television Series, which featured just one setting, which might be related to the other episodes.

Moreover, fans of the series can enjoy the sequence from the finale of the TV Series, which can only be seen on the Internet Movie Serie. It is a bittersweet moment, for the Tanners can hardly believe that they had played their part in bringing Emma to such a close, which has been predicted by the producers.

An excellent piece of entertainment, a wonderful movie and a show of camaraderie among the stars. A movie lover can't go wrong with this movie, and a fan of the Television Series will appreciate the emotional development that the film brought to the viewers.

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