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Bad Boys for Life (2020)

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Ride together. Die together. 2020/1/15 124 min.


The movie Bad Boys For Life is a full-fledged adaptation of the book by Paul Gilroy, one of the top-selling authors in the world. The movie series continues and this time, it is based on the long-running Serie. Here are the salient points of the film:

It's a Movie: There is no denying that the film is a movie. Nothing new has been introduced in this flick. That's the part that's good about it; you don't have to worry about understanding the novel at all. However, there are some points that you can learn from watching the movie.

Chameleon: In the book, we can easily identify the group of bad boys that brings down the saga. In the movie, we may not be able to do so. The characters do have different looks; they may appear in different colors and on different occasions. This may cause confusion to the viewers. Still, they should understand the purpose of all the characters.

Serie: The movie is about a classic Serie. It's about a small group of friends. They get involved in lots of thievery, assault and brawls. We can relate with these scenes more as we are in these situations ourselves. Still, this will not prove a problem for people who are not familiar with the Serie.

Blaxploitation: The movie is a black comedy in a way. The director had the basic idea in mind to use it as the opening for an upcoming concert. The first concerts of the Bad Boys for Life Tour have been a big hit. The audience has really enjoyed the artistry and the performances of the band.

Short Interviews: A lot of interviews were included in the movie. You will get to know a lot about the actor Nicholas Rafael, who plays our main character Roy. It was not an easy task to record him since he does not want to talk in public. Hence, it takes time before the interviews are released.

Thanks To Good Movies: As with any series, the story line is repetitive. Nonetheless, it doesn't stop us from enjoying the scenes. It is not mandatory to watch every episode of the movie but it helps a lot to enjoy the characters.

The Movie: Like the book, the movie has its share of cliches and character traits. Still, it is worth watching as a light-hearted movie to pass the time.

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