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2019/11/8 95 min.


The platform for operating the game is called as the server. It should have good performance and powerful CPU for making the code for the online multiplayer. The hardware for the game system is called as the computer, the most important factor is the CPU which is what we are talking about here. Software should be developed in order to make the server work and should also be available for access.

The second phase is the movie building process, the content of the movie consists of the CGI (computer generated) images. The language in this phase is HTML, the third part is the scripting, the complete script in which the graphics, music, text and audio can be easily available.

The movie engine of this software must be able to give a smooth animation, also when you watch a movie on your computer the volume of the sound should be good and it should sound like an original one. The next important part is the user interface of the software, this is the application which should make the user interact with the video. It should work fast and should also be free from bugs.

The user interface of the software should be easy to use and should be capable of changing the theme of the movie. Moreover, if the user is having any problem with the movie and has any idea how to fix it then it should be possible for the user to do so. The next important feature should be the ability to design the movie as per the requirements of the user.

All the movies should be very simple, if there is something complicated in the movie then there would be a lot of difficulty in watching the movie. However, if you are not much interested in doing the designing of the movies then the user interface should also be able to change the themes of the movies.

The next important role of the server should be to do the scene handling, the client should be able to design the scene separately and should also be able to connect the videos through the application. The user interface of the software should be capable of changing the settings of the videos easily and also the automatic seeding of the scenes. The next feature is the accurate rendering of the scenes and also the instant sharing of the scene with the other users.

The third phase of the software is the features of the platform for the generation of movies. The latest updates should be available from the internet and should also be synchronized with the server. This step should be taken only after the successful completion of the movie building phase.

The final version of the software should also be capable of moving the player around while playing the movie, in this way you can save lots of time while using the movie. The software should be easy to set up and it should also be good in functioning.

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