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The King has Returned. 2019/7/12 118 min.


As part of its strategy to bring updated versions of its animated classics to new generations, Disney chose The Lion King for the treatment of remake, a risky move, as the original 1994 film is considered one of the best-animated films of all time, it's sentimental, it has a beautiful story and moves a lot of feelings in almost anyone who watches it.

For this assignment, the chosen one was Jon Favreau to make this remake, a filmmaker who, in addition to having inaugurated the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the first Iron Man, directed the live-action remake of The Jungle Book, which gave him enough credentials to move to the world of CGI photorealistic animation a movie of this weight, and The Lion King has incredible CGI, if you don't believe us just watch it online and you'll see for yourself.

Simba is the son of Mufasa, the lion king. He is a puppy that is barely understanding his role as a future ruler and his role in the cycle of life.

When his father is killed at the hands of his uncle Scar, Simba will begin a series of individual processes that will make him move from denial and evasion to confrontation with himself and his family, and with which he will dimension the importance of assuming the throne that rightfully corresponds to him, and that is now under the usurpation of his evil uncle, who's made him believe all these years that his father's death was his fault, traumatizing him for life.

Unlike his other refrains of animated classics, this time Disney opted for a shot-by-shot remake that knows more than stubbornness to show how far its visual effects have come than a justified proposal to bring back its iconic story, there's nothing new, the promise is the effects, the opportunity to rewatch the beautiful story by the hand of modern technology.

But within that same lack of vision, this is a film that works, because in the end it only limits itself to photorealistic animation that 25 years ago already worked.

The peculiarity is that Favreau was decided by photorealism such that animals completely lack humanized features, which in turn translates into protagonists unable to spread the emotions that their voices emanate and in sequences whose attachment to reality prevents recreating the 100% of the tape from which they are derived.

If in the 1994 film much of the emotional burden after Mufasa's death fell on Simba's fearful and tearful face, here we see a realistic puppy whose face does not leave human emotions. If in the movie 94 the musical number of “I would like to be the king” was colorful and carnival-cut, here Simba and Nala only sing while walking while other animals join them in their walk.

Realism is the angle of Favreau and in that sense, it is up to the audience not to assume that they will receive the product they already know, as this is a decal adapted to a reality recognizable to the viewer.

If in the valuation exercise the comparative eagerness with the past is eliminated, what remains is a film of technical and narrative strengths, an invitation for the human eye to be astonished while in contact with effective doses of comedy and drama, if you watch it online you'll know what we're talking about.

Those who want to see the same movie 25 years ago, will be baffled by the lack of humanization in the appearance of the characters and in the musical numbers, but those who have the willingness to see it as a film by itself, will find a technical marvel and with a fun and emotional story about family, loss, growth, and assumption.

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