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There is enchantment in the light. 2019/10/18 109 min.


Starring John Cusack, Katherine Waterston, Naomi Watts, Ryan Reynolds, and Jessica Alba, The Lighthouse is an online movie from the Resident Evil franchise. It was created by Brittany Furlan and was released on the website for free download. The Lighthouse follows the adventures of an FBI agent who witnesses a crime first hand. This amazing website allows anyone to view the movie free of charge, but the full version of the movie that will make you buy the DVD is only available to registered members.

The movie takes place in New Orleans after a zombie outbreak has decimated the city. The zombie outbreak has resulted in large hordes of zombies roaming the streets and living amongst the ordinary citizens of the city. The Lighthouse takes place after the conclusion of the movie, which sees Claire Dunbar goes back to New Orleans in order to find a man who has been missing since the zombie outbreak. Claire is joined by her former partner in the field, DEA agent Miguel Rodriguez, and they have to work together to stop the approaching zombies.

The movie is known for its more graphic scenes of zombies and violence than most other zombie films. There are also several voice overs used throughout the movie that can be quite annoying, and make for an unpleasant viewing experience. Despite these drawbacks the movie is an incredible watch, as it features strong acting, great cinematography, and a fantastic storyline.

One of the more interesting aspects of the movie is the relationship between John Cusack and Katherine Waterston. They play off each other well, and it's really fascinating to see these two actors interact so well. I really enjoyed their banter throughout the movie.

The Lighthouse features an amazing plot, which takes the viewer on a great journey through the Louisiana bayou. Many scenes take place inside local bars and diners, as the zombies break into them and begin to feast on the unsuspecting humans that enter.

John Cusack plays a good-sized role in the movie, and is a huge attraction. He portrays an arrogant and powerful cop, who makes sure to always be the person in control.

The movie's soundtrack is great, and some of the songs are quite fun. The movie really captures the spirit of the Resident Evil series and offers up some great action and scares that will make you jump.

Overall, The Lighthouse is an awesome movie with some excellent acting, great cinematography, and a great storyline. The movie is not overly gruesome, but you'll certainly enjoy it if you are a fan of Resident Evil movies.

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