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Welcome to the day after judgement day 2019/10/23 128 min.


A human hybrid between machine, soldier, and murderer, falls to Earth, Grace (Mackenzie Davis), who just comes must face the police. Soon a lethal cyborg of liquid metal, Rev-9 (Gabriel Luna), will also be present. This is what Terminator: Dark Fate brings us at the beginning, in an interesting premise that plays a bit with everyone's nostalgia, however, it's better that you watch it online to see how it goes.

Daniella 'Dani' Ramos (Natalia Reyes) and her brother Miguel Ramos (Diego Boneta) manipulated in a company, in the assembly line, which is reducing personnel. Miguel and Dani are called to the office, who is being her spokesperson, being more determined than she is. Rev-9 appears, disguised as a policeman, looking for Dani; Her brother tells her that she is meeting with the boss. Grace enters the scene and a shooting begins, until Grace takes the two brothers in a car. During the highway chase, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) appears who helps them. Sarah goes in search of a mysterious man who sends messages and whose address has Grace tattooed on her body.

And if we believed that we had already seen everything, the good and the bad of these cyber murderers and protectors sent through time, who have become more lethal as the saga evolved, they were wrong. This is the sixth film of the saga, which began beyond in 1984 by James Cameron, directing its first two parts Terminator 1984 and Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991, which have been followed by  Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines 2003 by Jonathan Mostow, Terminator Salvation 2009 by McG, Terminator Genysis 2015 by Alan Taylor and for now, this latest installment Terminator: Dark Fate arrives with Tim Miller, in the direction, watch it now to see how Miller does.

The great attraction, in addition to all the visual display, has been to recover the critic Sarah Connor embodied by Linda Hamilton. It brings us many memories of when the spectators were stuck to the armchair before this fiction film where the protagonist, at least human, was a woman, a woman with many guts and that did not diminish before anyone, not even before the cyborg sent from the future, to kill her. An ordinary woman, who became a weapons expert and defender of her present, now returns to take revenge on the cyborg that killed her son, the T-800 model (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and help Dani, following the explanations given by Grace.

After talking about the legendary Sarah, it is inevitable to talk that we are not only facing a female film, but also about heroines. A trio of heroines that leads, on its own merits, Connor and continues with Grace. A female soldier who, in order to continue protecting her country, in her world, asks to be improved; that means that much of its interior is a product of the technological advances of its time, but another very important one is still human.

A woman living between the indestructible side and the vulnerable at the same time, requiring certain medications and lots of water, for her survival in the battle. We ended this trio with Dani, a Mexican with arrests, many arrests, which does not diminish before anyone. The three of them, without knowing it, without problems a great ally, the T-800 embodied by Schwarzenegger.

Tim Miller has moved from an important technical team to ensure that this new terminator possesses a devilish rhythm through his choreography that surpasses, the most still. I will start with what we first see on the screen, the spectacular photograph of Ken Seng, between colorful planes, perfect lighting and a careful treatment of color. The first thing we hear, on the one hand, the soundtrack of Junkie XL, preserving the harmony we all have in mind, along with other original themes and on the other, the fantastic sound. Of course, the correct assembly could not be missing, this time in the hands of Julian Clarke.

We do not know if it is too much to venture into affirming that we are facing the most exciting film next to the first two installments. Terminator: Dark Fate is one hundred percent enjoyable, so make good popcorn and soda sound, sit comfortably and let yourself go.

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