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Spies in Disguise (2019)

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Super Spy. Super Fly. 2019/12/4 102 min.


What happens when the CIA recruits some spies to perform their dirty work in the midst of a war? You get, also known as the spy in disguise movie, and for many people this is something of a treat. These movies have a storied history in the genre and are known for some well-done action and clever twists.

Any movie that centers on the struggle of the CIA against the KGB is considered a spy in disguise. It was probably at the time that the KGB wanted to discredit the CIA by making the CIA look like an agency with incompetent agents that it became obvious that a TV series was needed to show their agent up against. This show has been produced and aired so many times that many consider it one of the classics of all time.

It was first called Tsar of Love, but this was changed to Spy in Disguise after the TV series aired. It is basically an adaptation of The Great Terror, a novel written by the Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The author's real name was Aleksandr Fursenko, but in the books his family named him Alexei. His first book was The Gulag Archipelago.

Online, there are several websites devoted to the show that you can go to and see clips. Watching the show online is a whole different experience than seeing it in the theater or on television. As the plot is well detailed and the action is swift, it would be wise to go to the theater to view it, or perhaps to have some friends that can watch the movie in your home.

The movie opens with a special agent training an undercover agent to infiltrate an African country. After a string of successful missions, the guy realizes that he needs a more complex disguise and has to leave the country and return to the US.

In his absence the CIA comes under attack from a man by the name of John Lee. He is said to be out to eliminate the agency because of its involvement in Vietnam. Having tried to assassinate a CIA agent during the course of the previous conflict, Lee is now seeking to regain the agency's popularity by showing it to be ineffective.

He shows this with a plot to blow up the Paris Peace Accords that was created between the US and North Vietnam. He escapes to Cuba and the Agency has an agent taken out in his place. A girl dies and a CIA man with a few important files is killed, but they recover them. They go to South America to do the dirty work in the jungle, where Lee is stationed.

To find Joe Lee, the Agency sends a couple of guys with guns disguised as children and two others dressed in pink uniforms. They find him and a fight ensues that ends when the agent tries to give his buddy a tazer gun. Lee, a private, turns his weapon on the agent but it is caught by the girl. She then appears as if she is kidnapped and Lee proceeds to kill her and the CIA men.

Original title Spies in Disguise
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