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Hell, any of them could have done it. 2019/11/27 131 min.


The famous writer Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plumber) appears dead at home after celebrating his birthday. At first glance, he looks like a suicide bomber, but Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is hired to clarify what really happened. This is the premise of the great Knives Out, a movie that you can watch now to follow on with this mystery.

Rian Johnson proves to have absolutely everything clear to perfectly balance a whole plot of intrigue, with suspense elements in the style of Agatha Christie, in the words of its director, it is a tribute to her work, an underlying social criticism in all the footage, and a recognizable and sordid humor that make this movie have absolutely everything.

Humor is present throughout the footage, getting that, despite witnessing a crime scene, we would laugh out loud with some scenes but without getting to parody, maintaining and without leaving the suspense throughout the film. Social criticism echoes with Trump, immigration, the growth of the extreme right and the hypocrisy of postmodernism.

The “crime” that is presented to us, the different motives that could lead us to the possible murderer, the script turns, everything is perfectly explained and detailed so that, despite the amount of information and characters presented to us, no data will happen to us unnoticed and we finish the film knowing everything about everyone and without any feeling of saturation. This is a clear example that Johnson dominates the art of telling stories perfectly and the narrative of the film is simply impeccable.

The love Johnson feels for cinema is palpable. The film is not only a tribute to Agatha Christie, but to the entire thriller, finding clear references to films such as The Footprint (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1972), especially in the imagery of the film, or the comic A Corpse to Desserts (Robert Moore, 1976) to mention just a few. Johnson is that cinephile who managed to go from being a spectator to being the producer of the movies we see in the cinema, the dream of almost every cinephile. And he has shown that he has fully complied, knowing, on the one hand, the art and craft of telling stories and on the other professing an unconditional love for the seventh art.

It also has an excellent script. Johnson, who in addition to signing the script, directs and produces the film, knows how to handle all the information accurately and at will, giving all the characters a personality and a depth that makes none really a secondary, all having the motivation and an important weight in the plot. Although it seems somewhat complicated, Johnson is very clear about the basic rule of cinema that everything must have a justification and nothing that appears on the screen is casual, not even the most recondite character.

The case to be resolved is developed with mastery to keep our attention in suspense and everything that is shown to us has its justification, preventing any possible confusion. And like every good script, it also knows where to stop.

In the opinion of who writes this review of Knives Out, Johnson sometimes has the problem of wanting to subvert too much the expectations of the viewer, showing excessive script turns or changing the direction of the footage to “deceive us” but with that sometimes he got was contrary. Rotating 360º leaves you exactly where you started.

We must make it clear in this review of Knives Out that it is splendid and has absolutely everything. The suspense is intertwined with comedy to make us spend two hours flying. Watch it now to see it for yourself.


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