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Jojo Rabbit (2019)

Jojo Rabbit

An anti-hate satire. 2019/10/18 108 min.
Average: 8.1 (2063 votes)
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Every kid and adult can relate to the characters of Jojo Rabbit and his collection of friends. If you are a fan of the anime series, there is a new online game based on it called Jojo Rabbit Online Game.

Players of the game can gather their own set of Jojo rabbit items, use them in their POKEMON battle, then compare and play against other players. Jojo and his friends will fight alongside you for the chance to win big prizes.

The campaign is suitable for all ages and players can be part of it for free and earn virtual cash to build up their collection of Jojo's friends. Once a player gets the rarest or coolest item he can go ahead and invest in it.

Unlike the real Jojo and his friends, the virtual ones do not die when attacked by a POKEMON. Jojo's friends become invulnerable to attacks until they reach a certain level of experience and if you miss them, then they will disappear from the game altogether.

Jojo and his friends gather their moves together. They are a team with each of them a very special in his or her own way.

You can try the game for free if you like. If you want to play the entire season then you can get the season pass and play the game only when the season is over.

There are so many fun things you can do in the game. You can spend your time raising up different groups of characters or you can play it with the unique and exciting JOJO MATADOR powerup.

You can find out more about the game from GOODYEAR NEWSLETTER, which is published by Nintendo and can be found on their website, or fromGoo Magazine. It is free to register and you will be surprised at how much fun this game is.

Original title Jojo Rabbit
TMDb Rating 8.1 2063 votes

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