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Dark Waters (2019)

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The truth has a man on the inside. 2019/11/22 127 min.


If you are looking for something to watch, why not check out the Dark Waters movie? This movie is about a girl who works in a man's world. She is married to a man who she barely knows and what she has to do is keep his secret.

The movie is about a princess from a very faraway land. She is raised by her nanny, who can be traced through his portrait. The princess is living with her father, who hates her existence and her mother, who barely support the princess. Her main quest is to travel to her father and tell him that she was set up and tortured, so that she could be told the truth.

The story of the movie is brought by the Seria, the storyteller, as the protagonist, so that she uses her powers to make the story of the movie. However, her powers only work for the Princess Seria. It does not allow her to do anything to hurt the Princess Seria's people, because the Seria is one of the rulers. Only their voices can be heard through the voice card, because the voice card gives her the power to communicate with all of the people. She uses the best voice to speak through and that is her voice, which represents love.

The Dark Waters movie tells of the princess, who is part of the citizens of a certain kingdom. The people there have been given the choice between love and friendship. Their choice is made by the King, who takes care of their lives and loves them. However, the citizens have to choose whether they want to be loved by the King or not. Only one side is listening to the Princess Seria, while the other side is waiting for the King to come.

Dark Waters continues to display how the story that is told by the master storyteller takes place. As she also has powers and looks like the other princesses, the people follow the voice, which shows them the side of love and friendship, which will be preferred. The movie ends when the people of the kingdom choose the love of the King and they live happily ever after.

The Dark Waters movie has won numerous awards. Some of them include the Best Foreign Language Film award, the Big One: Nominated Award, the Theatrical Best Actress award, the Best Supporting Actress award, the Artistic and Costume Design Award, the Un Certain Regard Award, the Grand Prix of the Cannes Film Festival, the National Academy of Dramatic Arts Award, the Prize For Special Effects, the Best Actress award, the Annabelle Lama Award, the Screen Actors Guild Award, the Best Supporting Actress award, the Ursula Allergies' Award, the Italian Cinema Focus Award, the Best Musical award, the Latin Film Festival Award, the Film Critics Association's Award and the Best Animated Film award. There were many more, as well. However, the best is known. Dark Waters became an instant classic when it premiered in its first version, so let us explore further the story behind this movie.

The Dark Waters has its beginning. Seria, the storyteller, who is the Princess Seria, gets married with a man she does not know. She works in his home and feels uneasy with his personality and with the fact that he is married. However, they become the best of friends and eventually, a wife. However, she is not ready to wait until he comes back from a trip. That is when she gets kidnapped by thieves, who hide her in a man's house and have her work in his world, the most dangerous.

The Dark Waters continues to tell of the struggles of the little girl. There is only one way to escape the place where she works and that is through love. The Prince is also hiding from her and he would have taken her away from there if she had waited. He comes in search of his sweetheart and the one who can help him find her.

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