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Filming of Ad Astra (The Position) started in November 1999, after several months of filming, the movie came out on September 30, 2020. This movie became a hit with audiences worldwide, so much so that it was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture.

The plot of the movie is based on the story of two astronauts, Scott and Maeve McLendon, who become stranded on a distant planet with only one resource, which they used to extract gold from rocks. As they slowly enter the human history, they find themselves trapped and have to learn about their new environment, the planet of the humans, which has the same gravitational force as Earth. The movie has a theme about the beauty and the mysteries of life.

In the movie, Scott's character remains in disguise all throughout the movie, so that viewers cannot recognize him. While in the previous movies, he wore a white shirt, Ad Astra films character Scott is wearing a blue suit, with a white shirt vest, these clothes are manufactured by Chinese manufacturers and not by Moet Hennessy or White's.

There are three main characters, but they are closely connected to each other through the use of Moet Hennessy, namely; Cotto (played by William Fichtner), he is the man who takes care of the mail that Scott receives from the humans and Maia (played by Elizabeth Madill), she is the one who has the green G-string with Scott's name on it. Other characters in the movie include: the mule, the mink and the wolves.

One thing that most people like about Ad Astra is the concept of gravity in the movie. Every scene where gravity is present in the movie is captivating because it provides a sense of realism to the scenario.

Another feature of the film is the realistic acting of the actors. The actors make their performances believable because of their real appearance and presence in the film. Unlike other Hollywood movies, the script of Ad Astra has some real life incidents that occurred in this film, which enhance the emotionality of the movie.

Moreover, the movie is an animation movie, which makes it unique. And in addition to that, there are also scenes in the movie that create different characters and add more mystery to the movie.

Ad Astra is one of the most watched and enjoyed sci-fi movie in the movie market. Many critics said that the movie is a masterpiece of a sci-fi film, which continues to entertain its viewers.

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