A Rainy Day in New York
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A Rainy Day in New York (2019)

A Rainy Day in New York

Written And Directed By Woody Allen 2019/7/26 92 min.


When a movie comes out on DVD, it is time to go into the movie theater and enjoy a good movie. For most movie buffs, a movie marathon is the next best thing to watching the movie in theaters. However, in the case of The Best Of The Rainy Day Series by Berlanga, this movie is perfect for streaming on the internet.

In the Best Of The Rainy Day Series by Berlanga, in this movie, an innocent child named Adam is the hero of the story. He is lost on his way to a carnival when he is picked up by an old man who looks like Don Quixote. The man gives Adam the power to use wind to move objects. He names him "Windy," a name that speaks volumes about his qualities and abilities.

In the movie, Windy becomes separated from Adam. It is at this point that he has to find his way back to New York City where he was taken when he was younger. He succeeds and goes to an old friend named Capri who has been missing for three years. She tells him she is going to visit the grocery store she frequents to get some supplies for her trip. He asks her to be his secret lover and she agrees.

At the grocery store, Windy finds a mysterious package that is supposed to deliver them to the Intercontinental Hotel but instead transports them to the Caribbean. He discovers that the hotel is a hideout for drug dealers and kidnappers. While on the Caribbean island, Windy meets an angel named Igor who helps him save his life and reunite with his friend, Capri.

In The Best Of The Rainy Day, Windy realizes that he has been playing things for too long and his biggest strength is a gift. He goes through a series of trials to overcome his greatest fears and triumph over obstacles.

The Best Of The Rainy Day comes complete with all the extras you would expect from a DVD. The first few minutes and the first scenes feature the movie's director, Tor Woods. The scene is interesting enough to get my attention and I watched the rest of the movie just to see what he was doing.

After the movie ended, I couldn't wait to watch the movie again. The scenes where the pair of characters was shown were animated and I really enjoyed the short scenes they showed of them interacting. The dialogue between them was easy to understand and I had no trouble following the dialogue between Windy and Igor. I was happy to see that I understood everything about this movie, especially because of the amount of time I put into the DVD.

In The Best Of The Rainy Day, I found that the whole movie was enjoyable and I liked the movie as a whole. In other words, it was entertaining but it was not so much of a train wreck that I couldn't continue to enjoy the movie.

Original title A Rainy Day in New York
TMDb Rating 6.6 755 votes

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