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His time has come 2017/2/28 137 min.


"Logan" is the second installment of the X-Men series and tells the story of a man (Patrick Stewart), who had been in cryogenic sleep for 50 years. In the wake of a horrific incident in which his surrogate father dies, he is sent to live with his dead love, Logan (Dafne Keen). The only way for him to move on is by escaping from a life in captivity.

The first movie was extremely successful, the third one is getting rave reviews and so the movie series has now touched the big screen, and became part of the X-Men universe. It's good that the filmmakers are willing to take the movie into another level as in the first two installments there were too many characters and the story seemed to get confused as to who to trust or who to side with. They seem to have done away with that and focused on developing the characters to their fullest, making it more of a character-based story.

Even though the setting of the film is an alternate dimension, which can't be influenced by our reality, it still takes place in the same timeline as the first two films. The X-Men are here and are starting to establish themselves once again, just like they did in the past.

In this new series, the movie "X-Men: Apocalypse", which was directed by Bryan Singer and featured the same production team, plays a big role in shaping the plot of the movie, including the end of the trilogy. We know what happens in the movie, as there are hints and references to events that are seen in the trailer and the last scenes of the first movie. This is why I won't spoil the movie for you by talking about how it ends, but I will tell you how it turns out. Besides, the X-Men franchise is already established by then and will continue on until Apocalypse dies, so I don't think the movie really matters much.

Sad as it is, the Wolverine series is coming to an end. Even though the early films were not very good, as they were lacking in quality, at least this one has been received better by critics than its predecessor's, but the ratings are the only thing that counts. And the ratings are steadily dropping as the fourth installment (which I believe is now called "Wolverine: Death Cure") comes out, so the series has already fallen apart, so I don't think it's a matter of time.

The movie is an entertaining one, and the performances of the actors really make the movie worth watching. And if you like action movies with lots of action and explosions, you should definitely go check this movie out.

Hardcore fans of the series will not be disappointed either. They will find out just what they are looking for in this movie. The first movie was praised for having lots of surprises and twists in the plot, but this time, we are going to get a final showdown between the X-Men and the end of the series, but since there was a lot of drama in the first two films, I guess there is enough room for even more suspense.

This movie had a relatively short running time, so people who have the time to sit down and watch the whole movie won't have any problem at all watching the movie. You won't be bored, although I am sure you are going to feel a little bit tired, as a fan of the X-Men series. If you like action, explosions and action movies in general, then you should probably give this one a try.

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