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Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here. 2014/11/5 169 min.


Interstellar is a science fiction film that is based on the book by writer and producer Christopher Nolan. The movie is set in the near future and takes us to a distant space where humans have explored other galaxies.

Movies with themes like these, take us to a different world. Many people who go to see the movie are disappointed with the story and the direction of the film. Some people still find it amazing that a movie like this was made.

Sci-fi is becoming very popular these days, and there are many movies available with similar themes. Interstellar is a very good example of a sci-fi movie.

The plot of the movie is very complex. It does not appear to be very well explained in the movie, but it is enough to keep an audience interested. There are many clues and plot details in the movie that people can learn from.

The movie takes place on a planet that is very close to the universe. The main character of the movie, Cooper, has traveled to this planet and he goes to the space station in order to repair his ship. At the space station, he is in contact with the alien who is playing a computer game that gives Cooper some puzzles to solve.

This character seems to be a bit dangerous at first but he is taken care of quite easily and Cooper can get to know him. The movie takes place in an era before computers were as advanced as they are now.

The computer that Cooper encounters is very advanced, and he gets to learn a lot about how human beings can communicate with each other. It will be interesting to see how a new concept like universal translator will be used in future movies. Interstellar is probably the most complex movie to be made and it does not make too much sense in the beginning, but then again, it will make a lot of sense after a while.

You can find the movie on several websites. The movie is not yet available on DVD, but the general consensus is that it will be coming out some time in the near future. The DVD will contain deleted scenes and special features.

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