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Why So Serious? 2008/7/16 152 min.


The criminal levels of Gothic City remain high, but the figure of Batman stands as hopeful. Numerous imitations of the overcast have appeared to apply justice on their own at night. But there is a new villain who has arrived in the city, an insane criminal who hides behind a layer of makeup and calls himself the Joker. Now the Joker is robbing the mafia banks - which has aroused the attention of the prosecution, which has ordered findings -, and organized crime decides to migrate its funds to Hong Kong under the protection of one of its treasurers, the businessman Hong Kong Lau. But Batman manages to catch Lau, taking him to the authorities, and he lends himself as a star witness to accuse all the mafia bosses of the city. The new district attorney Harvey Dent is in charge of the operation. Harassed by justice, the gangsters decide to accept the Joker's offer to sow chaos in the city and fight Batman. And very soon the insane criminal will put the city and its inhabitants under a sword of Damocles, threatening to unleash a river of blood if Batman does not decide to publicly reveal his identity. Watch now the movie to know how this travesy ends.

This is the sequel to the successful Batman Begins of 2005. And it is a continuation more than expected, especially for the expectations generated by the reboot of the saga at the hands of Christopher Nolan that left a vast majority with a delicious taste in the mouth, and the studios with their pockets saturated with dollars

But not all were roses for the film. First there were rumors that it would be Nolan's last film as director of the series (but those things are always arranged with a generous wad of bills); and then the death of Heath Ledger occurred in January 2008, which seemed to throw a bucket of cold water on expectations (if Ledger had finished the film, or if the film was going to be stagnant or retreaded with digital technology, replacing the protagonist such as it happened with Brandon Lee in El Cuervo), in addition to forcing Warner to reconsider its viral marketing strategy based exclusively on the figure of the Joker. Even so and with everything, The Dark Knight came out of its tribulations and started at the premiere with 155 million dollars in the first weekend, a ticket office that surpasses Spiderman 3 as the best starting weekend of a blockbuster (and not to mention of what you can generate throughout your time on the billboard).

And it is a film that deserves its success since it is a really smart tape. But Batman: The Dark Knight is not an easy film. Usually superhero movies are usually about origins - of the protagonist, of the villains - and Batman: The Dark Knight has the great luxury of omitting it. One might consider that, on the one hand, Nolan has respected the construction of the Joker mythology made by Tim Burton - well, here the Joker tells his story several times but in a fallacious way, as if it were a previous crutch before unleashing the horror - , and on the other he decided to omit all those details to launch himself fully into a world already built and moving, and start playing with all the variables. With no history of origins, the film replaces this with a long and complex plot of betrayals, alliances, attacks and counterattacks between the Joker, the Mafia and the police forces. It is not a difficult story to follow, but surprisingly it is a dense plot; there are no scenes where time is wasted but there are always exhibitions of parts of the story, of the protagonists' thoughts, of their interrelations. Watch online the movie and see it for yourself.

The Dark Knight is a dark movie. The Joker is bloody and ruthless, nobody is safe, and as the film progresses things get more and more sinister. Even the climax is surprisingly bitter, but bright and brave (instead of the sweetened Hollywood happy endings). Leave a huge amount of questions that make me beg for the next installment of the saga. And only the masterpieces dare to take such bold steps as this film.

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