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Ahhh... it's got that new movie smell. 2006/6/8 117 min.


What better time is there to take children to the movies than summer vacations? No doubt this is not a secret, and that is why some of the most anticipated releases of each season are waiting for the heat to make going to the cinema, in addition, it is a refreshing experience. So no one was surprised that in July 2006, Cars arrived at the billboards, the last work of Pixar, a company that owes the great revolution of digital animation that has been experienced in recent years, as well as some of the most emblematic titles of this new cinema for young and old.

Pixar is John Lasseter, a director of flowered shirts and a good-natured smile that we could blame for the fall of Disney, an almighty and almost monopolistic factory of animated cinema that saw how from Toy Story the public moved from its arms to fall back on those of the mentioned Lasseter. And it is curious, because Pixar was born within Disney, and after several years and all kinds of legal actions, it is Disney that is now in the shadow of Pixar. But let's focus on Pixar, whose film career is faultless: from the two parts of the aforementioned Toy Story to The Incredibles through A Bug's Life, Monsters, Inc., and Looking for Nemo. With a similar curriculum, it is normal to think that this will be a film that will at least offer a minimum of quality and high technical perfection, and whoever thinks so will not be wrong.

As a good last Lasseter title, Cars is a visually overwhelming film and much more successful than its previous works. The metals of cars, water, land or the road are so real that it is impossible not to think that they may be real. The film has an aesthetic that plays on the one hand with the humanization with caricatural touches of the cars and on the other with the search for certain realism in terms of scenarios and decorations so that it is a somewhat peculiar mixture.

We are invited to believe that this is our world perhaps in a parallel dimension where we would have bodies and headlights. And the truth is that this idea works and Cars thus become a spectacle of those that open our mouth from time to time.

Of course, what Cars tells us is nothing new. Moreover, this is perhaps the most "classic" Pixar film, the one that has a truly childlike audience in mind and the one that innovates the least in terms of narrative and plot. And this is its weakest point, which can make more than one "older" a little heavy or too predictable. That does not take away so that the film is entertaining and has a fair and adequate rhythm.

Cars is the story of Lightning McQueen, a young racing car with a promising future. Fame comes to his head and threatens to turn him into a selfish and spoiled car. However, a casual accident while traveling towards the race that will give him his biggest prize makes it appear in Radiator Springs, a semi-abandoned town where he once passed the famous Route '66 and in which its inhabitants now live, who do not They can avoid thinking about that past of tourism and happiness.

Obviously, they receive Rayo with skepticism, while he exercises his great gifts. However, he will soon collide with reality and will see that they are not inferior as he thought, that they do not treat him as someone special and thus he will begin to appreciate them in the same way that they will seek in their little hearts a hole for him, and you can watch online.

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