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GoodFellas (1990)


Three Decades of Life in the Mafia. 1990/9/12 145 min.


The Goodfellas is one of the most popular movies of all time. It is a classic and it has garnered a large number of fans. The reason why this movie has remained popular and continues to be popular is that it tells a story about a man who uses his money and power to gain power in life. The movie ends with a guy who has used his money and his connections to become a socialite.

The movie basically tells a story about how the bad boy gets the girl in the end. This was the title of the movie and it really holds true in the rest of the movie. The Goodfellas was directed by Martin Scorsese. This was his first movie after making Taxi Driver.

The movie was about two very real life people. These were Tony Soprano and Bryan Policarpio. Tony had a very successful career as a big shot mobster. The only problem was that he was constantly in trouble because of his friends.

Bryan Policarpio was also in the business but was eventually shot in the face. Tony was running into a dangerous situation because of his associates. He made all the wrong decisions at the wrong time.

There was a lot of tension between these two real life people. Eventually they began to develop feelings for each other and it culminated in a sex scene. The reason why the scene ended up in the movie was because a lot of people believed that it was over right then and there.

So what was the truth about the relationship between these two real life people? It turns out that Tony and Bryan had been flirting with each other since they first met. This was years before the scene in the movie. They just didn't have the same taste in music and were two different people.

In the scene, it was all the flirting that was happening. Tony was trying to get Bryan to go to a certain place with him but Bryan just wanted to sleep with him. Bryan ended up hitting Tony and killing him.

This was the only scene from the movie that you would call love or romance. That was the only scene that was actually true. What happened was that the scene wasn't over right then and there. Bryan was killed by Tony because he decided to be with the wrong girl.

Original title GoodFellas
TMDb Rating 8.4 6849 votes

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