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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... 1977/5/25 121 min.


The task of writing a Star Wars review (this is how we still refer to the first one; we only used the title ‚Äúcurrent‚ÄĚ for organizational purposes) by someone who has breathed the mythology of the series throughout his life is, at the very least, an arduous and dangerous task. Hard, because commenting on the aspects of this defining work in a criticism and not in a master's thesis is an even painful exercise in conciseness (and, as you will see, the result was not even that concise). Dangerous because we am, without shame to say, a gigantic fan of the film and the two that followed. We know every dialogue, every character - however obscure and irrelevant it may be - every change (ah, damn changes!) Made by George Lucas in his perfectionist raptures, each conceptual art, each musical theme.

Love leads to closeness, closeness leads to blindness, blindness leads to praiseworthy hyperbole. That is where the danger lies for any critic. But we can't help it. It's stronger than me. So, be warned: here the writer is a Star Wars fan, a fan who saw the work in the cinema when it was released, acquired all versions in all home video formats and got married - yes, he did! - to the sound of the main theme of the film (I tried with the March of the Empire, but we were vetoed). But he is a fan who also got tired of the dilution caused by the massive and ceaseless exploration of the work all the time anywhere, courtesy of his own creator, who squeezed out all the vigor of his dairy cow.

Star Wars is a work whose importance for Entertainment Cinema (with capital letters) is immeasurable. If the term blockbuster was coined when Tubar√£o literally razed the city blocks in the United States, Star Wars gave the true dimension of the power of this type of cinema made to involve the masses, without requiring that brains be turned off (the rule nowadays). After all, George Lucas had a vision - full of dollar signs is true - and that vision of an independent studio, recently formed and that needed to climb its own steps (this was the Lucasfilm of the 70s) involved maximum capitalization with its properties.

And that happened with something unprecedented and really miraculous: the negotiation with Fox, which left Lucas to retain all rights in merchansiding, something completely unimaginable today,. Unimaginable, because, ironically, it was Star Wars itself that showed that a film can be explored to the limit, living decades only on toys and publications. And the irony continues, because Star Wars is the hallmark of the independent film, made by an independent studio that has become so relevant that its structure is currently the industry standard, watch now the movie and learn about a franchise that became a culture.

In purely cinematic terms, Star Wars is a game changer. Drinking, harvesting, redesigning and reusing aspects of a wide range of previous works, from classics such as Lord of the Rings, Metropolis, The Hidden Fortress and 2001 - An Odyssey in Space, passing through the spirit of science fiction serials from the 30s and 40s , among them perhaps the most important being Flash Gordon (Lucas tried the Flash Gordon license and, failing that, started to develop the original idea he had),

Lucas created a cohesive mold for sci-fi adventures that, even today in day, it is difficult to find a parallel. He brought together the best that each inspiring element had and made its own universe, one in which benign monarchies coexist with republics that coexist with an evil empire, one in which androids have personalities as or stronger than their human counterparts, one in which the Mythology goes back thousands of years without it having to be said in all words and one in which mysticism permeates each frame, to understand he magic of Star Wars, the best thing you can do is watch online the film.

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